Sunday, December 26, 2010

My digital favourites

In the collage my most favourite application is Youtube because i can watch how-to videos and also check out reviews for hardware and software. I also sometimes watch trailers and mini-films on youtube.One of my favourite videos is the annoying orange,the spoon killer and machinima.
The links:
Google apps:
The rest of the apps are in the macbook and all the images i used is from

Wishes on the Wall

Wall wisher helps we students to exchange thoughts and debate. I think it is very useful as we can know more from our friends who have used applications that we have not.The limitations of wall wisher is that we can only use 160 characters maximum. Well, i feel that it helps us organise our thoughts in smaller ways so others can understand us. When using wall wisher for a CCA, we can organise CCA meetings on wall wisher and to even plan soccer strategies!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Google My Maps

                                                       View My typical Sunday in a larger map
These are the places I visit on a typical Sunday which is actually what i call a fitness day for me as I do two kinds of sports, swimming and running. I also head to the library at night to ensure that I have enough books to read.

The route from my house to SST

View Larger MapGoogle maps tells me which bus to take how to get there in a shorter period of time. I have also learnt how important it is to plan our journeys to school as it can help us to be on time. It also helps us remember routes to and fro to places so we can travel to our destination at ease.

Experience of creating this blog and how blogs can help us in learning

Creating this blog was very simple and i think these blogs can help us by sharing our experiences with different incidents or teachers can post a few questions or hints regarding our assingnments

My feelings when my offer was confirmed!

When i returned from school and checked my mailbox i had the same expression of the smiley above!I was totally over the moon as i could study in whole new way!I can predict that SST will be truly enjoyable!!!Anyway SST has many cool subjects that any other school do not!I hope the next four years at SST would be memorable!